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Amritsar a traditional vibrant city –is known for warmth & hospitality. Amritsaris are famous for their zest for life as well as for their big appetite. This is perhaps because the Amritsari mind- set was shaped by frequent ravages of war where the dawn of the next day was not sure.

The city is famous for its culinary delicacies like multi-layered prathas, bhatura channa, tandoori kulchas, puri cholle, fried fish, tandoori chicken, jam, marmalades, sharbat, rabri, lassi. Other delicacies include satpuras, samosas, seekh kabab, mutton tikka, barbecued chicken and spicy pickles.

The celebrated papad and vadian from Amritsar have become the subject of many folk songs and jingles. Amritsaris have a sweet tooth the pinnis, balushahis, gur ka halwa, gulan jamuns and amrtis are legendary .The city has many places for traditional cuisine as well as contemporary food.

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